Miss Representation Panel

I was invited to  sit on a panel as an expert on body imagefor the screenings of Miss Representation, a powerful American documentary being screened privately and addressing the influence the media and advertising has on the self esteem of our young girls and boys.  The message of how do we ensure our children grow up feeling good about themselves when the messages they are getting is that they have to look a certain way despite it being ultimately unattainable because of all the manipulation of advertising companies and the media.  This frustration and what Selligman would call “Learned Helplessness” is rampant in the lives of many of the patients I see.  The first screening was on October 12, 2012 where I was joined on the panel by Maggie Baxter of Rosa UKGillian Tett, of The Financial TimesHelen Lewis of The Guardian and Ann Magalhaes facilitator at The Parent Practice.

The second screening was organized by Glendower Prep School on June 17, 2013.  On this panel I was privileged to sit with Jill Walker, The Deputy Head at Glendower, Emma Woolf writer for The Times, Grazia and The Ministry of Thin and An Apple a Day, and Deborah Joseph, editor of Condé Nast’s Easy Living. The conversation about the film and audience questions made for an enriching dialogue.

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