Public Service

Alongside my private practice, I also engage with the community and government to promote mental wellness and empower people to be more self aware. I utilise my knowledge and experience to do this in a non invasive educational manner.



I regularly work with friends or colleagues in my field and contribute to their articles, blog posts, websites, e-Books and more!



I serve as an educator on Body Image with schools, health care, mental health, and fitness professionals. My workshops, seminars, talks and presentations train those working with the public during vulnerable stages of their lives where body image can significantly impact mental health.



My colleague Susie Orbach and I were commissioned by the Government Equalities Office to write a report entitled Two for the Price of One: the impact of body image during pregnancy and after birth. I also provide my expertise and insights as a mental health clinician to government on issues of body image, and its impact on mental well being.



I work with many non-profits and advocacy groups to advance awareness and support causes around body image. These groups seek to impact the ways social media and commercial forces impact the health and well being of the public on these measures.