Why is Media Literacy crucial to maintaining a healthy Body Image?

The world of social media is different from your off line life and the number of “likes” you get on a post is not a barometer for how liked you are in real life.

Online community vs real friends : There is a BIG difference.

  • Platforms like Instagram and Snapchat are the worst for impacting mental health.

  • People report feeling bad about themselves after spending too much time on them.

  • The visual imagery we are bombarded with is often the highlight reel of people’s lives, not their actual reality and what they do “ behind the scenes”

  • Be mindful of what you watch and how you consume MEDIA. Have periods when you UNPLUG.

  • Have REAL conversations. Talk to girls about beauty ideals, analyze pictures, learn about airbrushing and photoshopping techniques.

Talk about how beauty/diet industries are heavily marketed and by pushing their products, contribute to making women feel insecure so that they will buy more. A new lipstick is always fun but be mindful

Choose the people you follow wisely - I cannot stress this enough.

  • Do they make you feel good about yourself and your body? Do they inspire you and make you feel positive and happy?

  • Or do you find that you constantly compare yourself to them and criticize yourself for not looking a certain way, like they do.

  • Don’t forget most of the time even they don’t look like they do. :)