Balance’s new e-book: redefining wellness!

I think we can all agree that being a parent to teens is really fun, but can be very challenging. Check out BALANCE's new e-Book which I am featured in! It is the ultimate guide for teens and families, redefining wellness and giving an alternative to diet culture.

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P.S. my contribution is on page 368😊


Clementine app

I have been working behind the scenes on a very exciting project that I am thrilled to finally share with you! Annie Ridout and Kim Palmer, creators of the brilliant app Clementine, invited me to contribute to its brand new section called “Body”. Clementine is a free app providing a source of comfort and relief to its growing community in the areas of Sleep, Confidence, Stress, Mantras and now Body.


Glamour Magazine

I was featured in Glamour Magazine commenting on false beauty standards and our own “beach body brain”. I discuss how months of preparation can go into getting in to that bikini, but for what? Click below to read the full article.