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My name is Holli Rubin, I am a psychotherapist, body-image specialist and mental health practitioner based in London, UK.

My contribution to the conversation on the impact of body image is wide-ranging. I participate in government organisations, activist groups, public forums, print, radio, and television media outlets, as well as running my private therapy practice. I regularly deliver talks about body image, mental health, fertility and pregnancy, and general family and parenting topics.

My goal is to raise awareness of body image and provide a platform for girls to begin to understand their relationship with their own bodies and to ultimately live comfortably in them. My insight and experience is helping drive change at a national level so that body image education becomes part of a bigger conversation.

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BALANCE’s new e-book: Redefining wellness!

I think we can all agree that being a parent to teens is really fun, but can be very challenging. Check out BALANCE's new e-Book which I am featured in! It is the ultimate guide for teens and families, redefining wellness and giving an alternative to diet culture.

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Clementine app

I have been working behind the scenes on a very exciting project that I am thrilled to finally share with you! Annie Ridout and Kim Palmer, creators of the brilliant app Clementine, invited me to contribute to its brand new section called “Body”. Clementine is a free app providing a source of comfort and relief to its growing community in the areas of Sleep, Confidence, Stress, Mantras and now Body. Click the button below to learn more!

Mental Health Awareness Week 2019

Mental Health Awareness Week 2019

BLOG - Why is Media Literacy crucial to maintaining a healthy Body Image?

The world of social media is different from your off line life and the number of “likes” you get on a post is not a barometer for how liked you are in real life…


As part of The All-Party Parliamentary Group on Body Image, Susie Orbach and I were commissioned by the Government Equalities Office to write a report entitled Two for the Price of One: The impact of body image during pregnancy and after birth. This report looks at the myriad of health and psychological effects that body image can have on pregnant women and new mothers.
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