What is Body Image and why is it so important?

Body image is defined as how we see our physical selves and how that impacts us emotionally. Simply put: body image is how we think and feel about our bodies.

This can include a person’s thoughts and feelings about their weight, shape, skin colour, size, height, and their overall appearance. What WE see may be very well different from how others see us. BODY IMAGE is a very subjective experience. Amazingly, two people could look identical (twins) but have a very different body image.

Body image is so important because it impacts your self-esteem and ultimately how you come to know and accept yourself. This directly impacts our mental health. The body and mind here are totally interlinked. 

However, I believe body image needs to be understood on a spectrum - With mild and normative issues around the body on one side and increasing severity leading to Body dysmorphic disorders and eating disorders on the other side.

Having a positive body image ensures you have a healthy relationship with food and exercise and the reverse is true too. When you have a healthy relationship with food and exercise, this enables you to feel more positive about your body. These elements feed into each other and help you to feel better both inside and out. It gives you the confidence to be your authentic self.