Who is most at risk of suffering from Body Image Issues? What impact does this have on people?

Everyone is affected by Body Image - having a body means you have body image. In the same way, we all have mental health. The degree to which we are impacted depends on how much influence the feelings of falls somewhere on the spectrum and the impact body image has on people varies depending on where they fall.

The specific populations such as cancer patients, burn victims, people with dermatological issues, disabled individuals, and anyone in the spotlight (ex athletes, dancers, models) etc. People going through developmental changes are also at a higher risk of developing body image issues, such as transitioning from adolescence to adulthood, getting pregnant, ageing. 

Bodies are always changing, and how we adjust to those changes has everything to do with how we feel and how we look, this is particularly strong in adolescence. Body image cannot be escaped - having a body means we all have a body image. How we feel about our bodies is what differs from person to person.